Sri Samartha Sathuguru Sai Seva Samithi

Trust Vision

A trust is formed and got registered for the development of the Sri Saibaba Temple, Annadhana Satram cum Marriage Hall, and Sri Prasannajenaya Swamy Temple at Menakuru Village

The development works to be carried out primarily as follows:
1) Land Purchasing
2) Drilling of Bore well & Motor Fixing
3) Compound Wall Construction 1st Stage up to Road Level
4) Earth Filling up to Road Level
5) Compound Wall Construction 2nd Stage up to 7 feet Height
6) Boomi Pooja for Main Temple
7) Foundations & Columns up to Road Level for Saibaba Temple
8) Foundations & Columns up to Road Level for Marriage Hall
9) Temporary Pooja Arrangements
10) Construction of Prasannanjenaya Temple
11) Balance Construction of Saibaba Temple
11) Gardening / Land Scaping works around Temple
12) Inauguration / Kumbabishekam of Saibaba Temple
13) Balance Construction of Marriage Hall
14) Construction of Panchamuka Anjanaya Statue
15) Construction of House over Marriage Hall for Poojari
16) Compound Wall Balance Works & Gates Fixing
17) Road Development around Temple & Marriage Hall
18) All electrical related works
19) CCTV Camera fixing arrangements
20) Arrangements for Daily Pooja & Nithya Annaprasadamu

Sai Trust

Sri Samartha Sathguru Sai Seva Samithi, has commenced the construction of Saibaba temple along with Annadana Sathramu Cum Marriage Hall at Menakuru Village.

Latest Updates

Vigraha Prathista & Maha Kumbabishekam on 03.12.2022
(Morning from 08:12 to 08:15)

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